Another beginning

Hi. It’s been awhile. Plenty happened, but you won’t find that here. At least up until now you won’t. But that is about to change…

My name is Benji Feldheim, and I preach on the porch. It’s a saying that describes that act of caring just enough about something to let your voice be heard, but not quite enough to get out of one’s comfort zone to fix or tackle said problem. Or issue. Or objection.

We are all guilty of this, and so am I.

But it’s a start.

And it’s a hell of a lot better to preach on the porch then talk about what happened on Lost.

I mean, really? Don’t people get that the writers are admittedly fucking with everyone?

Anyways, this is called better late than never because I started this blog before, but I hadn’t gotten around to actually starting it, if you follow…

If not, here’s a rundown:

I have worked as a shoe salesman and a bad sailing instructor. I interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, and I only had to make coffee once all summer. I have a master’s degree in journalism, which I also studied in undergrad. But the best part about that is I got to hang out with my favorite musician Cyro Baptista for my thesis. His music is so full of life, it’s painful.

Later I got into a lot of madness working for a newspaper. Murders, lying politicians, natural disasters, Trinidad natives who are really good at building steelpans. They are NOT called steel drums, by the way. A year after I started there, a guy decided to shoot up a classroom full of students before blowing his own brains out, and ensured that no one would know why.

Then I was gone. I didn’t even tell any of the people I spoke with on a daily basis. It was one part shame and three parts I didn’t really know what I would say to them, because now there wasn’t a story.

But soon there would be another story. Another interesting story.

I taught. For a semester. I tried to teach kids that got kicked out of high school. It seemed only a select few really deserved to be kicked out. Most of them were just enough to the left or right of center. They were good kids and I miss them. But it wasn’t for me. At least not yet.

So now, I’m in Chicago, trying to apply what I once learned through publications toward web media. We’ll see how it goes.

I am a big believer that progress takes one solid first step. Here was mine, from last summer.

Fortunately, time has passed since then and with time comes experience. We can only hope. This is from two weeks ago:

If you’re here, you bought the ticket. Enjoy the ride.

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